The Buckley Building

Address of Building

The Buckley Building 49 Clerkenwell Green London EC1R 0EB

Getting Here

For general travel information and directions / routes to the building, please visit:

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​Local Amenities and Discounts

Street Sensation
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Building Manager/Security

Emily Miles

Tel. no: 0207 608 0180

Mobile: 07885 879 602


Emily the Building Manager is your first point of contact at the Buckley Building.  She will ensure the smooth running of the building and can be contacted anytime Monday to Friday 7.00am - 7.00pm.  In her absence please contact Maria on reception.

If you have any queries not answered by those in the Buckley Management Team, please contact the Portfolio Manager.



Maria Adams-Rosa

Tel. no: 0207 608 0180


Maria is here to meet and greet visitors, and when requested will inform your receptionist of the arrival of a visitor. They are also very knowledgeable about the local area and can guide you in choosing restaurants, hotels, shops etc.  Discounts have also been negotiated with some of the local shops and ameniteis for the benefit of all Buckley Building tenants, please see reception for more details. 

The reception is staffed Monday to Friday 7.00am - 7.00pm. Out of hours the security staff will take over these duties.


Portfolio Manager

Aswin Kerai

Switchboard: 0207 659 3000 Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm

DDI: 0207 659 3088

Mobile: 07515 919 700


​Visitors and Deliveries

Visitors and Deliveries

Entry and identification are controlled by an electronic visitor pass system. Monday to Friday 7.00am - 7.00pm. Upon arrival, your visitor should go to the main reception where they will be issued with a site pass. Please notify reception in advance of guests arriving so the passes can be pre-printed and your guests will not be delayed.  Should you have your own visitors sytem in place, please advise reception.

Out of hours access requires the use of an access fob or use of the entry system located on the totem at the main entrance. The security staff can either help as required.

Couriers / Deliveries

The reception staff and night security staff cannot sign for tenant deliveries.  All couriers will be directed to the relevant tenant and all large deliveries should be made via the platform lift and goods lift.

Please do not bring trolleys into the main reception area or into the passenger lifts.


Access and DDA Facilities

Disabled Toilets

There are disabled toilets located on each floor.


The building lifts are fully compliant for DDA requirements, both the operational panel and for wheelchair access.

There are fire refuge points for disabled personnel in all fire lobbies.

Bicycle Stores and Showers

We aim to promote green travel so have a cycle store for bicycles and dedicated showers in the basement.


There is no tenant or visitor parking directly on site.

For local street parking and car parks, please visit:

Car Parking

Map of Street Parking Pay and Display

CCTV and Access Control

The CCTV is a web based digital system that can be viewed and recorded in real time on, or external to, the building.  CCTV cameras are located around the building to monitor all access points into and out of it.

Access / identification is controlled by an electronic visitor pass system.  For reasons of site safety and security we all have a duty of care to know who is on the premises at any one time and ensure that our visitors are aware of site safety and emergency information.


We want the building to be maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness. This means that the common areas are cleaned every weekday morning and all the toilets re-stocked.

Where possible we use minimal chemicals in the cleaning process.

If you encounter any problems please speak to the Building Manager / Reception.

Common Areas

The main reception, lift lobbies, stairways, risers and other external areas within the scheme have been designated as common access areas.  Fire regulations do not allow these common areas to be utilised for storage, display or other activities in connection with their business.


The Buckley Building has 3 lifts serving all floors from the main reception area. All lifts automatically return to ground floor if the fire alarm is activated. It also has 1 goods lift used as a passengers lift and transporting deliveries into and out of the building.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the curtilage of the building. This includes smoking and recharging of Electronic or E-Cigarettes.


There are male and female toilets on all floors of The Buckley Building.

If supplies are lacking or the facilities in any way are not up to standard, please let reception know.

​Health & Safety


Annual Fire Risk Assessments and General Risk Assessments are carried out annually by Derwent London's Health & Safety Team, relating to the landlord's areas only.  To request a copy of the Risk Assessments please enquire with the Building Manager or the Derwent London Managment Team.  Every tenant is responsible to conduct these Risk Assessments for their own premises.

It is important for everyone at the building to know the fire evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency.  The procedures are below for information.

Should you have any questions relating to the landlord's risk assessments or fire evacuation procedures, please contact Derwent London's Health & Safety Team directly -

Fire Evacuation Procedures



Derwent London Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is very important for our business.  Although we always seek to design and deliver buildings which are sustainable and efficient to run, rigorous management is still required in order to maximise performance and deliver the potential savings of which the buildings are capable.  Coupled with this we believe it is important to engage proactively with you, our tenants to assist in helping you to operate your spaces as efficiently as possible, thereby making our management efforts even more effective.

To help with this we have included various pieces of information which you might find useful.  These range from Green Travel Plans for your building, information on Green Forums and how to get involved through to cycle maintenance programmes and facilities.

Should you wish to discuss further any aspects with regards to sustainability in your building or space please speak to your Building Manager or contact the Derwent London Sustainability Team directly – or visit

Refuse and Recycling

Where the landlord is responsible for the refuse collection at the property, attach is a schedule from the BPR Group listing the materials that can be recycled. 

Secure Paper are part of the BPR Group and can arrange for IT and electrical items to be recycled or reused.  Please see their leaflet for further information.

Recyclable Materials

Secure Paper

Green Travel and Survey

Derwent London is committed to a cleaner, greener environment for our employees, tenants and others around us and this extends right through to how we travel. 

We ask you to encourage your staff to use sustainable means of transport to, from and during work and hope you can help in promoting sustainable travel.  Please see Derwent London's Green Travel Plan.

Derwent London Green Travel Plan

Energy Use and Efficiency Audit

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is the latest piece of EU energy efficiency legislation which has been introduced by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC). ESOS introduces the requirement to undertake a mandatory programme of energy audits for ‘large enterprises’, which, as a tenant of ours, might include you.  Please see attachment for further information.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

​Works and Alterations Procedures

News/​Building Update


There are no building updates at present.